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Shopify Inc., SHOP (NYSE) is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. It is also the name of its proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

Leading companies across industries are choosing Google Cloud to solve their toughest challenges. Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube.

BlueHost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains. Bluehost employs over 750 people in its Utah facility.

ClickFunnels was created so that entrepreneurs like you, who aren’t programmers and who don’t know how to code, can easily build beautiful pages inside a sales funnel to grow their companies online. ClickFunnels gives you everything you need to market, sell, and deliver your products and services online! Without having to hire or rely on a tech team!

It’s here: Canada’s premier point of sale designed entirely by Square to supercharge your checkout. With built-in payments and two large touchscreens, including a dedicated display for customers, Square Register has everything you need to run your business right out of the box.

Keap is a private company that offers an email marketing and sales platform for small businesses, including products to manage and optimize the customer lifecycle, customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture, and e-commerce. It is based in Chandler, Arizona.

Demio provides a simple, no-download webinar experience for your audience, as well as all the marketing tools you need to generate better business results.

Teachable enables creators to create and sell online courses and coaching services with the best online business platform to sell $500m+ to over 18 million students worldwide.

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