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“Consumers say they want more sustainable products. They make purchase based on price, quality and the environmental impacts of the products. The environment does not consider any border, so, think borderless.”

Back cover of upcoming book’ International Environmental Labelling,…..’


We would like to inform you that we are publishing a book related to international Eco-labeling plans to increase public knowledge in purchasing based on the environmental impacts of products.

We would like to consider one/two page(s) description of related (international environmental organizations from all over the globe) about their program developing Environmental. It’s completely free and for public awareness regarding Ecolabelling.

 Our deadline for receiving your detail will be Nov.15, 2020.

Of course, as soon as the book is published at end of Nov. 2020, we will provide the appropriate links.

you can send your detail to:   info@TopTenAward.Net 

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