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Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN) Is The Premier Skill Development and Official Credentialing Organization, Compliant With ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Standards For Certification Bodies.

TTAIN is a public-benefit certification body that Publish different educational books,  and provides education and certification services. TTAIN operates under industry-approved international standards and requirements, and maintains integrity and impartiality while taking into account professional and public interest. Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN) provides objective evidence that a person or an organization operates at the highest level of ethical, legal, professional, and technical standards.

Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN) certifies a wide range of professionals and organizations, including governmental entities, commercial businesses, and professional associations. Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN) certification programs are based on recognized national and international compliance standards that ensure domestic and global acceptance.

International Credentials

Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN) is the leading skill development and certification body for professionals and organizations compliant with the ISO/IEC international standards that form a unified system for evaluating and recognizing competent certification bodies worldwide. As a global skill development and certification body, Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN) is committed to ensuring excellent service standards delivered by those we comply.

ISO/IEC is renowned for its rigorous compliance standards – influencing our approach to certify professionals and organizations, so we can serve you and your organization at our highest levels possible and positively influence your business results that would not happen otherwise.


Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN) is proud to be compliant with the standards of ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Conformity: General requirements for bodies operating certification of companies and professionals, ISO/IEC 17021:2015 Conformity: Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of all management systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 13485, … Conformity: Requirements for management systems.


Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN)  is a private LLC FEDERAL Registered in CANADA. We build our services, and we serve you and your business from CANADA with love. TTAIN is the leading organizational and professional competence development and certification body that provides education, certification and publication services globally in all domains of management systems, business and information technologies.

These compliance standards have been ensured by adhering to a common set of acceptance criteria and continuous periodic onsite evaluations to determine ongoing compliance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012: General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. Being “Compliant” means that a certification body has been internally evaluated, and its leadership team have witnessed the assessments of its certification programs, and they have been found to comply with international requirements. Every year Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN)  is internally audited to ensure our processes are entirely in accordance with these standards.

The Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN) Certified Professional Certification programs’ chief goal is to be market relevant, consensus-based, support innovation, and provide solutions to global challenges. That means thriving career chances for professionals, and meeting and exceeding demands from businesses and their valuable clients.

What Made Us Decide To Help Professionals?

Let us tell you this. The shock of getting fired helped us admit three very important things that we haven’t been entirely honest to ourself before:

  1. Large companies move slowly. Good ideas often died on the vine simply because they had to be approved by too many people.
  2. Climbing the corporate ladder is an obstacle to doing great work. We wanted to focus on getting things done and making things better, not constantly positioning ourself for promotion. Politics and turf wars are an inescapable part of the daily experience of working for a large company.
  3. Frustration leads to burnout. We wanted to enjoy our daily work experience, but instead, We felt like We were running a gauntlet each day. It began to affect our health during  working in happiness for all employees, friends, and family.

Why Did We Build The TTAIN?

We started the idea of TTAIN in 2011 with great knowledge of marketing, sales, persuasion, closing, e-commerce, and/or automated digital marketing systems.

The more We learned, the more helpless We felt. For every great resource We found, I had to process ten other resources to figure out how to apply that resource in practice to excel on our own professional journey.

We started to wonder: how much of what’s out there —and there is a lot out there— We really needed to know. How could I separate practical business and professional skills from the dry theory and technobabble? We only had so much time and energy, so We started searching for a filter: something that would direct us to the useful skills and keep us away from the chaff. The more we searched, the more we realized it didn’t exist — so we decided to create the Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN).

As of this moment, more than 53,000 TTAIN Professionals, employees, employers, teachers, schools, …  are actively using the Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN) Services, publications, educational books, certifications and Training to quickly get their ideas, products, and services out to the world!

So take a deep breath. It’s time for you to unlock the blueprint of success as a professional and get to work.

Welcome to the Top Ten Award International Network (TTAIN)

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